Tropic Pockets (BBQ/Jerk Chicken, Chickpeas, Ackee, Curried Goat and Grilled Shark/Rabbit) – $50

Rolls: BBQ Chicken, Jerk Sausage and Lobster (served with plantain chips and mango coleslaw) – $50

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Teriyaki Pulled Pork, Jerk Chicken, BBQ Pork Belly & Plain (served with fries/poutine and coleslaw) – $40

Kingston Vegan – $30

Jerk Jambalaya – $30  

Breadfruit Taco (3 tacos) – $25

Scotchie Burger – $20


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Crimson Food Services is a Food Concierge Service with 21 Chefs under management. Our Chefs represent the Latin, Caribbean, East/South Asian and European communities of both the Greater Toronto Area and the directly surrounding Regions. Our concierge service will provide your visiting clients with authentic cuisine options from Chefs directly representing the aforementioned cultures for tasteful delivery, planned dine-in (within Restaurant) and curated catering opportunities.