Getting Started As a Guest Steps

  1. Create a FishTale Account here:
  2. Review Listings (virtual restaurants) of hosts once you’re registered and communicate with them using our messenger portal on the website.

Getting Started As a Host Steps

  1. Create a FishTale Account here:
  2. Then create your meal(s) (this is what we call a product) by selecting Host Dashboard>Products>Add New (see Step 4 for more details)
  3. Then Create your virtual restaurant (this is what we call a Listing) by selecting from the menu Create Your Listing here:
    • Note: the reason you create your products first is because you will be adding them to your Listing (virtual restaurant) when you create it. You will see “Select Your Services & Products (optional)” at the bottom with a list of the products (meals) you created that you can associate with your virtual restaurant. Note: as of May 1, 2018 you can either create your meal first or create your restaurant first. It does not matter.
  4. Select the following for each time you create a new product:
    • Note: Please remember to select “Update” on right-hand side to save the changes you make.
    • Enter a Product Name (e.g. Fish & Chips – you should see a template with this name as a guide. If you do not, you can contact support – below)
    • Enter a description of the product in the blank space below the “Product Name” (e.g. Fish and Chips is a hot dish of English origin consisting of fried battered fish and hot potato chips. It is a common take-away food and an early example of culinary fusion.”)
    • Select on the right-hand side under “Product Categories” select whether it’s a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner meal.
    • Next, beside “Product data” near the left-hand center of the page, select “Bookable Product” as well as check off “Virtual” and “Has persons”
    • If you don’t see the entire menu selection, expand the “Product data” by clicking on the arrow on the right side. It should reveal the following menu:
    1. Select “General” from the menu on the left and put in the following details:
      • For “Booking Duration” select “Fixed blocks of” and place the amount of time in min or hours you would like the booking to last.
      • For “Calendar display mode” select “Calendar always visible” as this helps the customer know which dates are available.
      • For “Require confirmation?” check the associated box if you want to confirm all bookings by a customer before they are reserved, otherwise they will be reserved automatically once a customer has booked.
      • For “Can be cancelled” check the box to allow the customer to cancel. This should always be checked as customers should be allowed at least a 24hr period before their booking date to cancel their booking. If this is not checked and you have not clearly indicated that customers cannot cancel in their booking with you, then any cancellation by a customer will be redeemable in addition you will still be charged for fees related to the booking which can be anywhere from 10-15% of the booking.
      • For “Booking can be cancelled” indicate the number of days before the meal date that the booking can be cancelled without penalty.
    2. Select “Attributes” from the menu on the left and put in the following details:
      • Select “Quality of Food” and then select Add
      • Check off “Visible on the product page” and then select from a variety of choices as indicated in the diagram below:

      • Select “Type of Food” and then select add and do the same as you did for the “Quality of Food”. There are a lot of types from Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal etc.
    1. Select “Availability” from the menu on the left and put in the following details:
      • Max Bookings Per Block” should indicate the maximum number of people you would be able to seat during a meal.
      • Minimum block bookable” should be set to “0”
      • Maximum block bookable” should be set to “1” and the time should be set to months into the future. This means that most someone can book in advance is one month from the day they are on your webpage viewing your product.
      • “Require buffer of period” should be set to “2” hours if you would like a two-hour break between meals which occur on the same day.
      • Set “All dates are” to “available by default
      • Set “Check rules against” to “all blocks being booked
      • Set “First block starts at..” to the time you want the first meal to start in the day. For example, for lunch you may what to put in “12:00 PM”.
    2. Select “Costs” from the menu on the left and put in the following details:
      • For “Base cost” put in the amount you will charge per person per meal. For example, if someone booking 2 places at your table and you want to charge them each $25 per meal, then put in $25 here.
      • For “Block cost” put in the amount that is added for administration fees. This fee will be the same if someone books 1 place, 2 places, or more. For example, you could charge $3 extra for the cleaning up after a meal, or for the filtered water you supply at the table. The fee for two people would be $25 +$25 +$3 = $53.
      • Leave “Display cost” blank.
    3. Select “Persons” from the menu on the left and put in the following details:
      • For “Min persons” indicate the minimum number of people necessary to reserve a booking. For example if you have 4 places but would like 2 people as the minimum to reserve the meal, then indicated 2 as the minimum.
      • For “Max persons” indicate the maximum number of people allowed to sit at your table for a booking. For example, if you have 4 places, but would like 3 people as the maximum for the meal, then indicated 3 as the maximum.
      • Check the box next to “Multiply all costs by person count”.
      • Check the box next to “Count persons as bookings
      • Leave the box next to “Enable person types” unchecked.

      • Select “Product Image” from the menu on the left and put in the following details:
      • Select “Set Product Image” and then upload an image of your choice that shows the meal that you would like to serve. Please note you should use your best and highest quality picture and please make sure the photos are not copyright protected. FishTale staff will sometimes review Host listings to see if their images are of standard we agree with and may suggest updating or even change your image to make sure it meets this minimum standard.
    • Finally, at the bottom of the page, under the “Product Short Description” write a short description of your product to help people quickly get an idea of what you’re serving. For example “Fish & Chips – Homestyle”
    • Once your image is added, select “Update” on the left-hand near the top of the page to save all your settings. You must select “Update” or none of your settings will be saved.

If you would like further information on how to setup your account and create meals that people can book, please go to the following link to learn more
about creating a bookable product here.

You can also contact if you have any other questions.