Host on FishTale

Earn money with the extra space at your table

Is it worth your time? Here’s an example of what you could earn with a FishTale listing:

New York15-20 hours$710
Montreal15-20 hours$724

How to be a FishTale host

  1. List your creation. It’s easy to list your meals on FishTale and free as well. Provide the details of the meal, how many spaces you have, or indicate the meals are for takeaway, and what other details you feel are important. Upload some photos of the meal and then select what you would like to charge. We accept various logins to make your registration easier.
  2. Greet your guests. Communicate with your guests and get to know them. When they arrive, make them feel like home if they are eating on site, or, if you’re providing meals as takeaway, give them great service after introducing yourself.
  3. Make Money. Since guests pay before they arrive using Paypal, you have little to worry about regarding payment once they do. It automatically arrives in your account within 24 hours of the conclusion of the meal and we only take a 10% service fee + a percentage exchange fee based on the currency used. We’re looking into other ways you can get paid if Paypal is not available to you.

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