q. What is FishTale?
a. FishTale is the premiere platform where everyday people can provide home-cooked meals to others by having them reserve a meal via payment online. Think of it as an online personal bed & breakfast, however instead of providing a place to stay, you’re providing food to eat!

q. What’s in it for me as a Host?
a. Hosts get to provide meals they’re proud if and get paid for them! A win-win.

q. What’s in it for me as a Guest?
a. Guests truly benefit the most from our website as they get to select from a variety of genuine home-cooked meals and meet the people who have the desire to create them. Who knows, you may eat the food of a future 3 Michelin Star Chef!

q. What does it cost?
a. It costs you nothing to set up an account and we only take a small percentage of each sale…just to enough to keep us in business and the service running.

q. What if I don’t like the meal?
a. You have the ability to provide a negative review if the meal is not up to your standard. However, if it is, we can encourage you to provide a positive review so that others can enjoy the same experience.

q. Would I be able to change the language to something else?
a. In the future we plan to add more languages to allow for greater interaction. Please contact us to suggest a language you would like to see.

q. Is there any obligation to provide a meal?
a. There is no obligation to provide a meal once you open an account. You can simply purchase meals at another virtual restaurant on our site. Although, we encourage Hosts to be creative, they should be careful with what they provide because Hosts are responsible if issues result from those eating or drinking what is offered.

q. Can I indicate my hours of availability (similar to a restaurant)?
a. Yes you can indicate what days of the week you are available to the public and the opening and closing hours of each day, but this is not required.

q. Can I accept payments offline (directly)?
a. Unfortunately we do not allow direct payments outside the platform. Payments must be made via the website in advance (prior to eating) to reserve a seat.

q. Can I provide more than one meal at a time?
a. You can provide as many meals as you would like and keep them in rotation or change them as often as you like. Remember, variety is the spice of life.

q. Will you be accepting Crypto-currencies?
a. Yes. If we don’t have it implemented as yet, we will be accepting Crypto-currencies soon. We feel it’s time to broaden our horizons and engage various payment option which benefit our users.

q. What if I have any other questions, where do I go?
a. You can contact us directly if you have more questions at support@fishtale.co